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Baptism: Through baptism we are freed from sin, reborn as children of God, configured to Christ and incorporated into the Church.
Please take care that your child is baptized in the first few weeks of life; as soon as possible after the birth or even before it, please contact Fr. Hughes (727-264-8968) to begin baptismal preparations. Also, the Catholic Church requires that in order for your child to be baptized there must be a founded hope that the infant will be brought up in the Catholic religion; otherwise the baptism will need to be delayed.

Insofar as possible, your child is to be given godparents who will present with you the infant for baptism and also to help the baptized child lead a Christian life and fulfill the obligations that come with it. The Catholic Church requires godparents be 16 or older, confirmed and practicing Catholics, not bound by canonical penalty (i.e. validly married if married). A baptized non-Catholic may participate in the ceremony as a witness together with a Catholic godparent.
The Most Holy Eucharist: Christ the Lord himself is contained, offered, and received in the Holy Eucharist and by which the Church continually lives and grows. 
First Reconciliation/Eucharist Registration
  • Candidates should be of the age of reason, generally 7 years old, and be actively attending a parish faith formation or school faith formation for two years and attend preparation workshops prior to receipt of the sacraments. 
  • Preparation fee is $45.00 though no child will be excluded due to financial need
For Catholics
In order to be properly disposed to attend the Mass and receive, participants should not be conscious of grave sin and if possible, should have fasted for one hour (except water and medicine). A person who is conscious of grave sin is not to receive the Body and Blood of the Lord without prior sacramental confession except for a grave reason where there is no opportunity for confession.
For our fellow Christians
We welcome you to the celebration of the Eucharist as brothers and sisters. We pray that our common baptism and the action of the Holy Spirit in the Eucharist will draw us closer together and dispel the sad divisions which separate us. Because Catholics believe that the celebration of the Eucharist is a sign of the reality of the oneness of faith, life, and worship, members of those churches with whom we are not yet fully united are ordinarily not admitted to Holy Communion
Saturday Vigil Mass: 5:30pm
Sunday Mass: 7:30am, 9:00am, 11:00am
Daily Mass: 8:30am Tuesday - Saturday
Holy Day of Obligation Mass: vigil 7:00pm, day of 8:30am and 7:00pm
ConfirmationBy the sacrament of Confirmation, the baptized are more perfectly bound to the Church and are enriched with a special strength of the Holy Spirit. The Catholic Church requires that candidates for Confirmation must have previously been baptized, have reached the age of discretion, be suitably instructed, and properly disposed.
Need to be in eighth grade or 13 years old, attend Mass regularly with their families, be enrolled in and attend the parish faith formation program or attend a Catholic School. Cost for instruction is $45 per candidate or $75 per family. Please note that these fees are not included in Faith Formation Fees, though scholarships may be available upon request. Registration
If you have received first communion, but have not yet been confirmed please contact Deacon Jim Paterson (, Coordinator of RCIA, to schedule your preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation. 
To perform the function of sponsor, a person must fulfill the same conditions listed above for baptismal godparents, as the sponsor behaves as a true witness of Christ and faithfully fulfills the obligations inherent in this sacrament. Though not required, it is encouraged to choose as sponsor the one who undertook the same function in baptism (the godparent).
For questions contact the parish office: 727-264-8968 
Reconciliation: Confession and absolution constitute the means by which a member of the faithful conscious of grave sin, through God's generous mercy is reconciled to God and the Church. After having reached the age of discretion, a Catholic is obliged to confess faithfully his or her grave sins at least once a year (confession of non grave sins is also recommended), thus rejecting sins committed and having a purpose of amendment, the person is turned back to God.
Confession follows the 8:30 AM Mass on Saturday
Marriage: Through the sacrament of marriage God's graces are poured out for this lifelong covenant, for the good of the spouses, and the procreation and education of children.
St. Peter the Apostle Church follows the guidelines of the Diocese of St. Petersburg and requests that couples interested in marrying should call the parish office at least six months in advance. Catholic persons to be married then enter a period of preparation and receive the sacrament of confirmation (if this has not already been completed). They are also urged to to go confession and attend the Most Holy Eucharist.
The marriage of a Catholic to a non-Catholic is allowed as long as there is a just and reasonable cause for which the bishop then must grant special permission. The Catholic person must also give assurance of removing any dangers of leaving the Catholic faith and promise to do all in his or her power to baptize and bring up all offspring in the Catholic Church. 
Anointing of the Sick: The Church commends the faithful who are dangerously ill to the suffering and glorified Lord in order that he relieve and save them, by anointing them with oil. The anointing of the sick can be administered to a member of the faithful who, having reached the use of reason, begins to be in danger due to sickness or old age and may be repeated if the condition worsens. If you would like to be anointed please contact Father Hughes (727-264-8968). 
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