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St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church has been the beneficiary of numerous bountiful blessings. 

On July 1, 2007, Bishop Robert Lynch named Fr. Dennis Hughes founding pastor-in-charge of the Catholic Community in Trinity.

ChapelThe community began with the advantage of land already owned by the Diocese of St. Petersburg to someday build a church. 
Fr. Dennis immediately began working on a plan to develop the land into a suitable home for the new church. The planning envisioned a staged development of the property; construction of a multi-purpose building would occur first, followed later by the construction of a sanctuary. 
After much work in the fall and winter, the first Mass was held on January 5, 2008, on The Feast of the Epiphany. That Mass was held at Trinity Memorial Gardens' chapel and the Mass was bursting with eager potential parishioners.  
As time passed, it was time to choose a name for the budding parish. The parishioners were asked to submit suggestions. The top 10 vote getters were submitted to the Bishop, who chose the name St. Peter the Apostle for the new parish. 
Fellowship and the community flourished in the chapel, but soon the Trinity Memorial Gardens chapel became too small for the growing parish family, and a search for a larger space in which to hold Masses began. About this time as well, Daily Mass began to be celebrated in the Garage at Fr. Dennis’ residence until such time as a more permanent place to celebrate was found.  
In June of 2009, that location was found – a retail storefront in the Trinity Village Shopping Center. In a few weeks, volunteers painted the storefront, an altar, chairs and many other things were added to make the new home of St. Peter church-like. Space was set aside within the storefront to serve as church offices.  But all along, Fr. Dennis assured the parish community that the church is not the building we meet in, but the people of the community gathered together in the name of Jesus Christ.
In February 2011, a Capital Campaign was begun to raise the funds needed in order to construct a permanent multi-purpose building located on the property already owned by the Diocese behind Trinity Memorial Gardens. The project planning budget indicated that two million dollars would be required to complete the 16,000 square foot building that would incorporate space for worship, permanent office space, a nursery and a reflection chapel.

The Bishop of the Diocese of St. Petersburg indicated that he would be willing to loan up to 50% of that figure. Consultants engaged to assist with the Capital Campaign were cautiously optimistic that one million could be raised over a two year period.  Our blessings continued as a collection of extremely generous donors including St. Ignatius of Antioch Parish in Tarpon Springs, combined with an overwhelmingly high rate of participation in the campaign by our parishioners, put our fund raising efforts over the top. 
GroundbreakingIn December of 2011, a groundbreaking ceremony was held on the church property.  

Construction of the Parish Life Center began in full in March of 2012. The Grace of God through His bountiful blessings and guiding hand along with the hard work of our parishioners and our Pastor have culminated in the completion of our Parish Life Center that will enable us to continue to grow as a parish and serve the community of Trinity.
St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church
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